Upcycled Headboard Bench

This is a labor of love story.


No really I’m serious 😂

I have wanted to build my very own headboard bench because it looked cool and easy…and I did in less than a year. Geesh.

I started hoarding collecting head and footboards like they were going out of style… and honestly they were! I thought EVERYONE wanted a bench as much as I did! Ok that’s a bit overdramatic but that’s how I felt. So fine. 😜

I found these matching head and footboards at ReStore last summer. The full set with the railings…times 2 (!!) were 20.00. Score..right?!

I knew I wanted to start with a cottage white one. Neutral colors sell the best right??

It looked sooooo plain though…

So I added a bit of coastal flair…Bit of Sugar and Gray Morning both by Behr in DIY chalkpaint and Manatee Gray by Dixie Belle Mineral Paint.

Just a bit of color made it much more interesting don’t you think?

I sanded it a bit to give it a more shabby look and sealed it with Dixie Belle Clear Coat.

Pretty for the front porch..or maybe and entryway? Definitely has a cool and coastal vibe which I love.

Tell me your thoughts as I’d love to hear them!

Thank you for following!

Mary @reclaimedbymaclean


Upcycled Drawer

I love to upcycle things! I have a few drawers on hand that I have picked up here and there and I know they are great for fun storage or as a tray.

This one started out like this…

It’s a nice size and was relatively clean! I did give it a good wipe down but it wasn’t at all gross like some of my finds.

Let’s pretty it up a bit shall we?

The drawer front was a separate piece that was easily removed by a few screws. That left a nice symmetrical box.

It only took a couple of coats of DIY chalkpaint to cover to wood. I dry brushed on a little black paint here and there as I wanted a “shabby” look to it. I also covered a piece of foam board with fabric and hot glued it to the inside for a little pop of color.

The handles came off of an old hutch which I spray painted a glossy black. I got so involved in this fun project I neglected to take more pictures of the process. Sorry about that!!

This tray could hold all kinds of neat things! It is for for sale now in my shop at McMinnville Antiques Mall in McMinnville, Oregon.

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Thrifty Upcycled Trays

Do you have some chunky photo frames laying around the house?

Maybe a little fabric? Pretty tissue paper or even wrapping paper??

How about paint?

Handles are easy to come by! Mine are a collection sourced from Goodwill, ReStore and Hobby Lobby. Thrifty finds for sure…

You could also add little feet by glueing on some wood beads or simple felt circles you just stick on.

It’s SO easy!

Who doesn’t need a tray? We all need a tray (or 2 or 3) to put pretty things on…like jewelry or to carry some nice beverages perhaps? YOU need a tray in your life!

I love making these and giving them as gifts. Maybe you do too and didn’t realize it until now. 😄

Enjoy your day!


Buffalo Plaid Step Stool

Hello Friends! This little stool should have been an easy update but I struggled getting it just right. So much so it took over a year to complete it!

I suppose because I was still in the research phase of painting techniques and materials. SO MANY OPTIONS!!

The first try was cute with gray grain stripes and a red fleur de lis that bled all over the top. Not the look I was going for so I sanded it back and put the stool back on the shelf. Sorry…no pics of that hot mess! But here is the “Before” any paint touched it picture 🙂

I pulled it back out last week after I picked up some buffalo plaid paper from Hobby Lobby. I had a plan.

Another fresh coat of white DIY chalkpaint and I Mod Podged the paper on. After it was dry I sanded down the edges. No painting fail here!

The handles are also from Hobby Lobby. I do love black and white buffalo plaid!

What do you think??

It’s in the shop now!

Thanks for reading!


Building the Booth

Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to the long President’s weekend, how about you?

I spent the week going through my hoard stash of goodies that need to go to my booth. Do you know what I found?? About a dozen or so of “almost” finished projects. Gah! Why do I do that?? Blame it on my A.D.D. I guess…I always gravitate toward something new and shiney. Every. Single. Time.

I did find some things to slap a price tag on and send on their happy little way and hopefully someone will scoop ’em up!

Here is the update!

Add a little, move things around and hope for some sales!

“Smalls” are very popular at this antique mall.

I decided to add in some greenery…I almost kept that wreath for myself!

This weekend is dedicated to finishing projects.

Until next time – Enjoy!

Upcycled Chandelier

Happy Friday! What a busy week. I have been cranking out my projects to go to my new booth and finally got a chance to go through my pictures.

I’ll admit it…I am a Pinterest junkie. There I said it. So when I found a brass chandelier at Restore for $4.00 I grabbed it!

It sat for a bit while I decided how to update it and gather my supplies and consulted Pinterest (for the millionth time).

I spray painted using Rustoleum in satin aqua. Such a bright happy color! The solar lights and flower pots came from Dollar Tree. Thrifty AND useful… Just add flowers!

Don’t you just love it?! I do, however it is off to the shop!

#upcycle #Rustoleum #pinterest #reclaimedbymaclean

Enjoy your weekend!


My New Booth!

OhMyGosh!! (Yes that’s one word!) I AM SO EXCITED!!

I have been working on upcycling/repurposing/making things cuter on a budget – while decorating my own home (on a budget!) – for awhile now and at the same time trying to sell some of these creations in various ways to make a little cashola.

I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been super easy to find a space to sell my craftiness as there are long term crafty people that have been doing this longer than me. #respect.

So without further ado…here it is!

What do you think?? I love the beachy vibe that can also handle some farmhouse and frenchy themed designs.

I have more to add but couldn’t wait to share so far.

Come visit me at the McMinnville Antique Mall in downtown McMinnville, Oregon.

Until next time!